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Fine Art Canvas & Acrylic

Working with property developers, education, restaurants, and hotels across

the UK, we have established a reputation for diverse,
creative and innovative canvas print schemes.

Honing in on the details of each project’s target market, location and the developer’s brand strategy and brief, we design unique and targeted canvas
prints of all shapes and sizes.

Printed directly onto a sheet of bright white canvas, for an utterly flawless fine art print. flexible and natural, this professional-grade material
has excellent crack resistance when folded and stretched and it offers an excellent base for our cutting-edge colour inkjet printing process.

Hand wrapped with neatly folded corners, your personalised canvas print is professionally stretched and stapled taught to give your photograph a
perfectly smooth and even finish.

Alternative mdf back panels can be used, we can also reverse print onto 10mm clear acrylic, mounted to the wall by stand off barrel fixings, which look stunning.

All of our high quality canvas prints are then completed with a professional framer tape, that means when you receive your canvas prints
you can be assured they will be ready to hang as soon as they arrive.

Your Brand Identity  -  Your Public Image.

Our Expert Team.

At Cherrystone, we know that you’re the experts in your field. Tell us what you do and how you want to be seen, and we’ll help you get there. Let the world know who you are with Cherrystone Signage Development Consultants.

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