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Fascia's, Projectors, Letters & Logos Signage

Fascia panels and projecting signs are an important promotional sign opportunity

for any business. Often giving that crucial first impression of your company and location from every angle.

For signs needing tradition, sophistication but also emphasising quality and style - there is little to beat individual built up metal letters. These can be in natural, polished finishes or bespoke sheet materials.


Fabricated by hand and manufactured to compliment and enhance the character shapes. our paint shop is on hand to wet spray, powder coat or match any general or bespoke colour requirements, including high end specialist effects.


By adding LED illumination, you can create a broad range of enhancing

and lighting effects to the face, edge, halo or a combination to create

eye catching installations.

Your Brand Identity  -  Your Public Image.

Our Expert Team.

At Cherrystone, we know that you’re the experts in your field. Tell us what you do and how you want to be seen, and we’ll help you get there. Let the world know who you are with Cherrystone Signage Development Consultants.

Book a free consultation with our team today.

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